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WD Black D10 Game Drive for Xbox 12TB Review

WD Black D10 Game Drive for Xbox 12TB Review

Western Digital adds to its Game Drive portfolio with a high capacity 12TB option for Xbox with the WD_Black D10 Game Drive.

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Wikipedia co-founder's new social media platform is for the people

By: Jak Connor | Social Networking | Posted: 13 mins ago

A new social media platform has just launched called WT:Social and its premise to combat Facebook on the front of showing new content first instead of sponsored.

The new platform comes from Wikipedia's co-founder Jimmy Wales who has promised that any user signing up to the platform won't have their user data sold. WB:Social also won't be running advertisements or have algorithms like Facebook's, which prioritize content that is sponsored or receiving a lot of engagement. WT:Social will instead show users on the platform whatever content is newest.

According to Wale's Twitter account, the new platform has already gained 160,000 members, and "isn't slowing down yet". Wales also commented on how WB:Social will be different from other big platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, he said "I've come to the conclusion that the biggest problem driving low-quality media is that it has been purely advertising-supported, and that the social networks which provide so much distribution are also purely advertising supported."

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Self-driving cars are 25% better at predicting an idiot driver's move

By: Jak Connor | Artificial Intelligence | Posted: 35 mins ago

One of the main problems with self-driving cars is that artificial intelligence inside the vehicle assumes all humans drive and act in the same way. This just simply isn't the case.


Luckily, researchers from MIT's Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) have taken that issue and begun examining it for potential solutions. Through their examination of this issue, they began predicting the behavior of other drivers on the road using social psychology techniques. They then fed these techniques to the artificial intelligence to help classify drivers into two basic categories "collaborative or competitive".

Through these classification techniques, the system was able to predict drivers' movements better when it came to lane mergers, faster turning, and more. The paper says that after these techniques were implemented, the artificial intelligence's accuracy increased by 25%. Wilko Schwarting, the lead author on the new paper, said, "Working with and around humans means figuring out their intentions to better understand their behavior. People's tendencies to be collaborative or competitive often spills over into how they behave as drivers."

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This Rick and Morty Season 4 video explains what 'shy pooping' is

By: Jak Connor | TV, Movies & Home Theatre | Posted: 1 hour, 4 mins ago

Ever wondered what it's like to be a shy pooper? Rick does, and in season 4 of Rick and Morty, we get to see what lengths he will go to keep his privacy.

Disclaimer - This is a season 4 spoiler, so if you haven't seen episode 2 yet, this will certainly ruin a part of it. The above video has been released onto the official Rick and Morty YouTube Channel, and it shows Rick tracking down the alien who used his private toilet on a remote planet. The alien then expresses that he missed his dead wife and that life has been "hollow" since he has passed. He also says that he is a shy pooper.

All of what the alien says Rick sees in himself as insecurities, eventually not killing Tony but instead abuses him and leaves a really strange bomb on the table. The bomb then turns into a bunch of butts, these butts then fart and then a middle finger raises from the center, flipping off Tony. Tony then returns back to Rick's planet to take another dump, and then things get really philosophically deep. Check out the above video to know what happens.

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PS5 controller: Built-in mic, USB-C, no lightbar, ergonomic design

By: Derek Strickland | Gaming | Posted: 1 hour, 33 mins ago

Sony's latest PS5 patent reveals key features of the DualShock 5, including a built-in microphone, USB Type-C charging, and no lightbars for improved battery life.


A new controller patent from Sony gives us an idea of what to expect from the next-gen PlayStation controller. Overall not much has changed, but there are a few noticable differences. There's a built-in microphone fastened to a metallic strip on the bottom that's likely used for the PS5's new voice-activated AI assistant feature, complete with two(?) auxiliary headphone ports, and USB Type-C charging for quick and easy battery top-offs.

The lightbar has apparently been nixed to ensure longer controller battery life (thank god), too. There's no mention of the controller's purported LED touchscreen, indicating our supposition that the DS5 is relatively the same as the DS4 is somewhat accurate.

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Intel recalls Xeon E-2274G because they included a crappy fan

By: Anthony Garreffa | CPU, APU & Chipsets | Posted: 2 hours, 29 mins ago

Intel Xeon CPUs are not usually known for their crappy stock heat sink and fans, but it seems Intel is stumbling a bit lately with Chipzilla recently recalling their Xeon E-2274G over the not-so-great stock CPU cooler.


Intel includes a basic fan in the box for the Xeon E-2274G, a fan made by Foxconn and is boxed up with much lower-end CPUs like Intel's own Pentium Gold and Core i3 lines of processors. The stock HSF we're talking about is normally handling heat loads of up to 65W, but the Xeon E-2274G is a workstation/SMB destined chip with an 88W TDP.

People buying an Intel Pentium Gold or Intel Core i3 CPU will not be maxing out their CPU at 100% all day long, but most people buying a Xeon processor would be doing just that. So the stock HSF should be really, really good... right?! Well, you'd think so -- but not in this case.

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Amazon is already working on Lord of the Rings TV series 'Season 2'

By: Jak Connor | TV, Movies & Home Theatre | Posted: 3 hours, 30 mins ago

Lord of the Rings fans patiently await any news about the coming Amazon show, and after some time, we have got another snag, and its a big one.


In an exclusive report from Deadline, Amazon Studios' 1 billion-dollar Lord of the Rings TV show is already moving forward with an early Season 2 renewal. According to Deadline, Amazon Studios head Jennifer Salke confirmed this news to them at a company holiday party this past Sunday and said that the studio currently has the second season in the works.

While season 2 has already been renewed, shooting wise, the LOTR series will be having a 4-5 month break after the first couple of episodes are shot. This allows for everyone working on the film a different perspective of the footage, gauge fan response, and make correctional changes with a fresh set of eyes. Since this TV show is high-budget, this seems like the most responsible and sensible approach, considering that filming this level of show is not cheap.

Nintendo adds monthly sub to free-to-play Animal Crossing mobile game

By: Derek Strickland | Gaming | Posted: 6 hours, 38 mins ago

Nintendo is doubling-down on its mobile gaming monetization, this time adding another paid subscription to a free-to-play game.


Animal Crossing Pocket Camp is getting not one, but two monthly paid subscriptions, Nintendo recently announced.

These two plans are part of the new Pocket Camp Club, and come on top of the randomized gacha-style microtransactions the game currently has and give access to extra in-game content. One subscription gives you an assistant to help you around the campsite, and the other lets you store furniture in a shed and gives free fortune cookies.

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New Half-Life VR game confirmed by Valve

By: Derek Strickland | Gaming | Posted: 7 hours, 43 mins ago

It's finally happening! After 15 years, Valve is returning to Half-Life with a flagship VR game.


After lots of leaks and rumors, Valve today confirmed Half-Life: Alyx is indeed real, and will be revealed Thursday, November 21 at 1PM EST.

No official details other than the game's principal protagonist Alyx Vance have been confirmed just yet. Expect FPS chaos with full utilization of current-gen Vive VR tech, along with Valve's own proprietary Index HMD.

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Stadia upscales games from 1080p to 4K, Destiny 2 hits medium settings

By: Derek Strickland | Gaming | Posted: 8 hours, 16 mins ago

Stadia apparently won't streaming games in native 4K, instead opting for upscaled 1080p--at least in bigger games like Destiny 2.


A bit ago Google promised that every Stadia launch game would run at 4K 60FPS. But there's a catch: It won't always be native 4K. Some games use supersampling and upscaling tech to achieve the kind of 4K output by the PS4 Pro. One of the service's marquee games, Destiny 2, streams at 1080p resolution that's upscaled to 4K on PC and UHD TVs.

Bungie confirms to The Verge that Destiny 2 is not only upscaled from 1920 x 1080 to 3840 x 2160, the game only hits medium PC settings regardless of where you play it on (Chrome browser, Chromecast Ultra, or your phone).

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Here's Red Dead Redemption 2 with PS1 graphics

By: Derek Strickland | Gaming | Posted: 10 hours, 7 mins ago

What if Red Dead Redemption 2 were released in the 90s on the original PlayStation? It'd look a little something like this.


Thanks to LowSpecGamer, we have an idea of what Rockstar's beautiful Wild West masterpiece would look like if it were old enough to drink. The YouTuber managed to dramatically manipulate the game's textures and visual settings well past the low preset by changing up the settings.xml file with Notepad++, basically transporting us back to the early days of 3D gaming.

Weird polygons, fuzzy textures, heavily pixellated environments, and terrible draw distance are just a few things that early PlayStation gamers had to put up with back in the day. Needless to say not a lot of early PlayStation games aged very well.

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